The story of my light. Landscape photography - Frank Peters

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...NIKON D800E + 24mm f/1.4 @ 24mm, ISO 100, 1 second, f/16 ... Professional Landscape Photography Tips ... - My Modern Met ... .0 Light is simply light… and it either helps your subject or doesn't help your subject. As landscape photographers, we covet the warm light just before dusk and right after sunrise. We head out while it's still dark in search of the perfect sunrise followed by 30 minutes or so of beautiful, inviting light for landscape photography. At first glance, landscape photography might seem like one of the easier genres of photography to pick up — after all, there are no models to pose, no crew to direct, no fast action to capture. Appearances can be deceiving, and if you've actually d ... Storytelling in Landscape Photography: Creating a ... ... . Appearances can be deceiving, and if you've actually dabbled in landscape photography, you've no doubt realized that while the mountains and forests and deserts may not move and may not need any ... Behind every landscape image is a story of its making, even if that story never accompanies the image in any written form. Looking at the photograph of the desert scene, a viewer could guess much about the experience of the photographer at that moment: this person traveled to a remote area, hiked to a dried lakebed, probably got a bit wet from the rain, and then was treated to the spectacle of ... Light on the Landscape PhotoBlog. Welcome to my photography blog. I will be sharing with you my thoughts on landscape and nature photography in general, as well as sharing information specific to my own photography. I will also include links to products and resources that I find useful. Your comments are welcome. Using Natural Light in Landscape Photography. by Ricardo Cunha. Along with composition, the quality of light is perhaps the most important factor affecting the success of a landscape photograph. Whilst composition can be completely controlled, good quality light on the other hand cannot. As the 20th century rolled in, the art of Landscape photography was led by American photographers who had a vast and varied landscape to play with. Their influence may also have been due to the growing influence of American cultural produce and the frontier myths of manifest destiny. Landscape Masters Through Time. Photography's greats must find philosophical constants while embracing change. ... The history of landscape photography is closely tied to the history of exploration in the American West. ... The light—and what the light does and is in the landscape—has been the actual guide. Telling Stories With Photos. ... (right) from one of my recent trips that tells the story of a night a group of us had smoking apple tobacco at a Turkish cafe. Other multiple shot stories might include weddings ... Landscape Photography Tips Portrait Photography Tips Photo Composition Tips Beginner Photography Tips Photo Post Processing Tips ... Telling a Story through Landscape Photography. July 26, 2018. Fine art landscape photography is too subjective for telling a story. On the other hand, the concept of realistic and renaissance art was to tell future generations of the era at the time. Nature Photography. 20 Best Landscape Photographers to Follow in 2020 - Sean Lewis. With stunning views of nature and the great outdoors, landscape photography can broaden our horizons and transport us to parts of the...